Multitasking is neither

The idea of multitasking is frequently presented as a valuable skill. In theory is sounds good, a person being able to do 2 or more things simultaneously. If this were true it would enable the person to get twice as much done in a given time period. Multitasking pulls parts of the brain away from the present and therefore not only lowers the performance of both “tasks”  but also deteriorates the state of mind of the person. One description of multitasking uses the term “continuous partial attention.” The partial attention part is enough of a warning that it might not be the best solution.

It is easy to see that texting while driving is bad. While it might not be as apparent, other types of multitasking might have just as serious consequences in the long run. Consider the aspects of life you hold as most important and wish to perform the best. It could be building a relationship, bonding with family, or enjoying a life vent. Then consider if there are any other pursuits, distractions or activities which are creeping into being present for those important things.

Update: An interesting article was recently published on this subject at the following link.


~ by Dave on January 29, 2012.

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