Be careful about ignoring the present

In another example of where he human mind has outdone itself, some corporations are recognizing the consequences associated with tools which appear to increase efficiency. The Financial Times reports that some firms are limiting email use, or even outlawing it altogether.  For many companies, it is simply that email is seen as inefficient. “We believe email is fundamentally unproductive, you need to sift through too many documents and things get lost,” says Leerom Segal, president and chief executive of Klick, a Canadian digital marketing company. “Most companies are grappling with email overload,” says Monica Seeley, an email management expert at Mesmo, a consultancy, and author of Brilliant Email. “Companies are losing up to 20 days per person per year, dealing with email poorly.”

Mr Segal believes doing away with email has been fundamental to Klick’s growth. “Our financial growth as an organisation is proof that this works. Since 1997 we have been growing at 30 per cent profitability, and we attribute a lot of that to our system. It allows us to be more responsive and clients notice that,” he said. There are even companies specifically in business to serve as email marketing consultants.

Twenty years ago, multitasking appeared to be a valuable workflow process. It may not only be contributing to less fulfilling personal lives, but doing damage to corporate balance sheets as well.


~ by Dave on December 20, 2011.

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