China Syndrome of human sociality

Modern technology has provided humans with a tremendous system to manage life. A mere 500 years ago, groups of Europeans arrived on the shores of North America, looking for a new life. While the continent was rich with resources, there was decades of literally life or death struggle to survive. The basic necessities of food and shelter were obtained through daily effort. A few thousand years before that primitive humans roamed the earth hunting wild and often dangerous creatures for nourishment. This was true “hand to mouth” living, making the “paycheck to paycheck” challenge faced by many today seem comfortable.

Even 100 years ago the richest humans such as a Rockefeller lived a life which may not have been as filled with creature comforts as a lower middle class American might today. Air conditioning was non-existent, heat was spotty, electricity was unreliable, and even food availability and quality was not fully developed.

So the daily struggle to obtain food and shelter are largely facilited by the modern systems in the human developed world. What are we doing with all of the extra time previously used hunting, building shelter, tending fires, cultivating gardens, making clothing, walking to remote locations, and reparing tools? Through the 1950’s the 1st World built productive enterprise and vivid social networks, creating intelligence for the future.

Having run out of challenges, the void has been replaced with less stimulating, lower quality pursuits. In some cases dangerous. Fast food, numbing electronics, soothing entertainment, and , it is like the Ridalin of mental inputs. When the intangible goods we use are of inferior quality, they run the risk of falling apart, injuring us, and not being worth anything. In turn, the person will fall apart emotionally, become damaged, and have a lower value mentally. In the later decades of the 1900’s, “Made in China” meant lower quality, although that is not the case today. The “products” which affect the health and development of individuals today originate from many places, but they share the same low quality as the “Made In China” batch of physical goods from the 60’s and 70’s.

Cheap inferior products often break, injures the user, and serve no productive purpose. Inferior life pursuits do the same thing to the psyche.


~ by Dave on December 18, 2011.

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